McTeague, QRD, Facebook Ads, Dreams

So I was listening to the audio book of McTeague while working on stuff this week.  Here’s the review on Finally Checking It Out.

I got the new QRD up (#55 if you are keeping count).  It’s another guitarist special.  Hope you dig it.

So an interesting thing happened when working on QRD.  when I upload the files to my website for an issue, I always put the files in the order of creation & upload all of the new ones.  A couple of image & MP3 files weren’t up for some reason.  It ends up when I unzip a file instead of just downloading it, that it respects the creation date given to it rather than writing it as the date I unzipped it.  Good thing to know in the future.

So admittedly I don’t know how Facebook Ads work, but the ad for Remora: Scars Bring Hope has a spike where it went from 1,500 impressions to 52,000 impressions over the week & about 60 clicks (I’m pay per click) to generate exactly one download sale (because only one copy of the record sold this week).  So $6.60 in advertising to get $4.50 in sales.  Not exactly the best way to run a business.  I tried to start up a “just for fun ad” that would be targeted to established Silber fans just saying “Silber Loves You” but for whatever reason Facebook kept rejecting the ad.  Oh well.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m at a comic shop in a small town in the mountains that doubles as a pawn shop.  Strangely it’s run by the same guy that ran the comic shop I went to in high school.  There’s a guy who comes in trying to sell some Civil War era photography equipment & the owner is asking subtle questions to figure out if the stuff is stolen or not.

My friend Jeremy offers me a job at where he works saying I can have it any time I want & I tell him he doesn’t realized how close I am to the edge of a total breakdown any time I leave my bedroom.

I’m on tour & the band leaves the hotel without me.  I’m not sure if I should try to find a way to get to the next city to meet them or just take a bus home.

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2 Responses to McTeague, QRD, Facebook Ads, Dreams

  1. GoddakkATTACK says:

    if i remember correctly, FB ads got us a bunch of likes from SA but no sales. maybe increased spotify plays but we’d have to get 500k plays before we can make the threahold of being paid

    • Yeah, FB ads (like all ads) are hard to make seem effective sales wise. But in the end paying about $1 for 50,000 impressions may be worth it for establishing brand. I’m happy with one sale generated that can be linked to an ad.