QRD & Pittsburgh & The Changes & Kickstarter

I spent most of the day working on the next QRD.  I got the art images ready & 5 of the 22 interviews done.  So maybe I’ll be able to knock it out tomorrow or the next day.

So I’m going to be doing a residency in Pittsburgh for the whole month of November.  It’ll be the first time I spent more than a week in a single city other than Raleigh in ten years or so.  It’s called Cyberpunk Apocalypse (odd name I know).

I put a new review up on Finally Checking It Out for this brit-teen-post-apocalyptic show called The Changes.

So I haven’t gotten any new backers on my Kickstarter campaigns in a few days, which is kind depressing.  If you could post on Facebook or Twitter about either the puzzle boxes or the bottle comics (or both) I’d appreciate it.

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