Hopeful Holidays

I hope all is going well.  I had a good Small Life Form featuring Bride of Silber (& Drone Cub) show at Squidco’s Christmess show.  Some of the Christmas EPs are getting positive press.  So things are good.
A lot of tedious stuff on the website to work through.  I changed the mediaplayer to something much more to my liking, but it means changing the code line slightly for every MP3 on the website to fully utilize it.  Which is probably a thousand or more & a couple hundred pages to fix.  Not sure when I will work through that.  I just found out my sign-up sheet for the newsletter wasn’t working (no wonder no one has been signing up!) & I tried to fix it, but I wasn’t clever enough to make it work so I had to remove it from about 1000 pages.  Uggg… not rewarding work.

Got some plans or at least desires to get things to start rolling for the upcoming releases on Silber & I have plenty of interviews in the can for QRD.  Just need to gather the emotional energy to get work done, hoping to get everything I wanted done by last September finished by February….

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