Crappy Camera, Remora Mastering, QRD, Dream

So I got this free camera that looks like a flip a couple days ago.  I haven’t messed with it too much, but man does it look like crap in low light!  Glad it was free.  Still probably should be able to help me get some interesting optical feedback alternatives to the other two cameras.  Anyone with an old crappy camera with an AV out, feel free to mail it to me for my collection.

I sent a Remora track from the new album (current working title is now Scars Bring Hope) out to a few different folks for possible mastering of the whole album.  We’ll see what happens.

I answered the questions for the comic issue of QRD (coming after the current brand new issue with label owners) & I’ll be editing the other interviews soon.  I’m scared it might not be the best issue as I didn’t personally have that fun of a time doing my answers, but maybe I just was in not so great of a mood in general when I was doing it.  I guess you’ll all have to wait a few weeks to let me know on it.

Last Night’s Dream:
I go to my grandmother’s old house to get something that was left there.  I park in the garage & I walk up a staircase, but the staircase isn’t where it’s supposed to be?  I end up in another part of the house.  A part that doesn’t exist.  The walls are made out of blackness & their presence is defined by the flowers on the wallpaper.  Everything is coated in dust like it hasn’t been entered since 1950.  This must be where the ghosts live.  I can’t remember what I need to find.

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2 Responses to Crappy Camera, Remora Mastering, QRD, Dream

  1. Nick Marino says:

    those QRD questions were definitely hard to answer here and there. i still have to edit mine. there were so many questions!!!!

    • I don’t think it was the quantity of questions as much as the quality. I feel like if someone reads my interview, they walk away having no more of an idea of what my comics are about than before they read it. I think I haven’t had any indepth conversations about comics other than marketing ones & it shows compared to the guitarist or label owner series. But I suppose part of it to is that this series is going after a lot of different folks (some write, some draw, some do it all) & it makes it a bit harder than if it was all artists or authors. You can’t really ask writers about what kind of ink they use….