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So at the show earlier I had the same problem I’ve been having with half my rig dying out.  I realized that a reason I might not have gotten it to happen at home is that I usually have my rig turned on in idle for an hour before I play & at home I have it turned on for fifteen minutes checking things.  I know in the past I had a Lexicon LXP-5 that had a problem that it would stop working after 20 minutes (maybe a bad heat sink inside, but I’m no engineer), so maybe something like that is going on here.  So in the near future I’ll try to test that theory out.  & now when I think about how the next show I’m playing is at a venue that the last time I played there when I turned all my pedals on at once I couldn’t get enough electricty & the whole signal would just cut out, it sounds like a recipe for disaster.  Despite all this I feel like it was a good sounding show.

Listened to a couple demos today (something I rarely get a chance to do lately) & it made me feel much more competent both as a musician & label because the quality was just so far below what is done at Silber.  Probably one of them will go on to make another label tons of money.

Out of the blue I got contacted by Kim Chee (Pineal Ventana).  It’s always nice to hear from folks you played with over a decade ago.  Literally the first live Remora show was opening for them in Atlanta.

Down in the dumps about looking at the paperwork for the end of the year, in the red with a lot of expenses not even entered.  I think the word to describe it is crappy.

Why do most starter guitars have whammy bars on them?  Is it to make them difficult to keep in tune & make guitars a worse experience for beginners?  I mean even Dave Mustaine’s signature guitar doesn’t have one, so who really needs it other than a studio musician doing something for a cowboy soundtrack?

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