New Moodring stuff for free!

Spent the day doing some email catch up stuff.  Some stuff wasn’t contacted back from about three weeks ago.

There seems to be something wrong with my tap water & so I had to go to Wal-Mart at 6:30am so there was water for me & my grandma today.  Usually when the water goes bad it’s for a month & has to do with the city cleaning out the reservoir or something.

Moodring appeared on the latest Sessions from the Box, you guys should check it out.

I’m fairly confused by the lack of downloads of the free stuff.  The Christmas comp got less than 500, Aarktica & Remora each only got 50, & Moodring & Small Life Form got a little less than that.  So 50 people want the free Aarktica EP, but about 1000 people wanted to download the album for free illegally.  Maybe I should just announce the free things as releases & figure the powers that be for piracy will do a better job of disseminating it than I can.  Very confusing to me.  Especially since I sent out emails to about a thousand people who’ve ordered stuff from Silber in the past.  Weird.  & I think there’s been about a dozen posts about them in various blogs & stuff.  Whatever.

Small Life Form show in Durham, NC tomorrow if you’re interested.

More tomorrow….

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