short long days

Just keeping the machine moving along.

Sent the Hotel Hotel & Northern Valentine discs off to record stores.  Emailed the rest of the record stores I’ve vaguely been in touch with over the years.

Wrote the sales blurb stickers for HH & NV.  They’re preliminary stickers as there haven’t been reviews yet & I feel a little more legit with the name of a magazine on the review of the disc.

Did rough mastering jobs on the first four songs for the Derivative EP & a live recording of Remora/Andrew Weathers.

Made Nic Slaton (slicnaton) listen to the preliminaries for Remora’s Derivative EP & he assured me it isn’t hack.  So that’s nice

Went to see some friends bands play (Bryce Clayton Eiman, etc.).  Makes me think I should start my own  brewing company.  Which sounds better Silbeer or Silbrew?

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