promo shock

Started the day late today.  Never a good idea.

I sent in some comics for the Isotope contest at APE in San Francisco.  Hopefully they’ll be able to get an honorable mention, but there’s no telling exactly who I’m up against.

Got the last few songs from the initial Panthan recordings.  So I’ll have to get to work on those at some point.

Wrote the letters for the 19 stores getting promo copies of the new releases, hopefully I’ll get those packages out tomorrow.  I’m always a little leary of sending promos to stores because I know that half of them just go straight to the used bin, but I figure stores that sell my records might give them a couple listens first & sell an extra two copies which makes up for the promo.

Sent out the email solicitations about the release dates to the rest of my record store list.  Also the emails to the press folks that I don’t consistently service.  So just a promo email out to unknown radio folks to go on that end.

Just made a special for you consistent fans.  Five dollars off if you order the Northern Valentine & Hotel Hotel together at our sale page.

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