spin into a new sunrise

Filled my first order to a distro of the new releases today.  Waiting for news from the other two or three distros that normally pick stuff up.  Been hearing a lot of people have had problems with that lately.  So it’s nice to know it’s not exclusively a Silber problem.

Filled a couple personal orders too.  Soon I’ll have to start posting about the releases I guess.

I don’t know what’s up with the Paypal links on MySpace, seems they work intermittently.  Maybe it’s about the browser people use.  I need to research it a bit….

Recorded some more parts for the Remora Derivative EP today.  Not sure if it’s going to really be proper to call it an EP as it’s going to be 9 songs & probably an hour long.  But it feels like an album is supposed to be something more well structured as a whole rather than just thematically united.  Anyway, tentative song titles for those of you who want to guess what the record is about are:
Death Planes, Spin into a New Sunrise, All Our Times Have Come, Assassins, Every Prince, Love Corrupt, Into the Light, I Ain’t Afraid, What Did You See There?

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