Senses Returning, Customer Service, Recording, etc

Today I woke up having regained feeling in my big toe & thumb & index finger on my right side.  My balance was greatly improved by this & I took advantage of it by walking to the bank.

I can’t believe how crappy some internet company’s customer service is.  I have contacted customer service at four places about different things in the past 24 hours with only one actual reply.  Strangely, the only one that replied is the only one where I wasn’t trying to buy something.  So I’ll give a shout-out to Sweetwater for kicking ass & having the greatest customer service ever.

Did some recording today.  A failed electro track, a nice short garage-rocker, & some more work on the big Remora piece that isn’t an album & I don’t know what to call it besides “top secret” & “potentially nauseating.”

I put the wristbands up for sale on on the frontpage (put QRD on the frontpage as well) they’re $2 or free with any order of $10 or more by this Monday.

Talked to Brian McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise) a bit about recording our versus record together in August.

Got in a couple interviews for QRD #42.  So my dream of being monthly seems within my grasp.

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