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Just mixed/mastered a couple of songs for a potential comp appearance.  One Remora & one new Vlor.  They definitely blur the differences between the two projects this time.  As the Remora pretty much sounds like Windsor for the Derby on Difference & Repetition which was basically the whole goal of middle era Vlor.  Meanwhile the Vlor sounds closer to the Stooges than shoegazer.

I filled out some paperwork to theoretically get paid by some music placement folks.  We’ll see if it happens.

It sounds like a teenager in my neighborhood got a new groove box & their parents left town, but maybe I’m just projecting what I want to happen in my life twenty years ago.  I might try to record what it sounds like from in my room & see if it’s something useful.

Sent out about 100 messages to guitarists for QRD #42.

If anyone reading this works with making small physical gadgets that use a lot of gears, please contact me about some design help.

Today at the grocery store I saw a copy of Blender with the magazines.  I’ve always had a soft spot for the magazine because I remember the first issue having a half page story on Neu! (I believe it was written by Douglas Wolk.)  I was kind of excited that they started publishing again.  Then I noticed it was dated from over a year ago.

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