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Did some research for new websites for my promo list for both the comics & music side of Silber.

Worked some more on the comics follow-up.

Did the measurements for designing my pipe system to convert a bass drum into a floor tom.  I wanted to do mine with a keyboard stand for an SK1 built on the top.  Does anybody have some extra 3/4 pipe lying around they can send me so I don’t need to spend $20?

I saw some promo pictures of that Swedish band The Knife wearing plague/silberspy masks.  Kinda made me a little sad.  But you can’t trademark something over 500 years old.

I just realized that when I sell my comics for $1 online, I get $0.64 after Paypal fees & it’s $0.44 to mail them.  I’m not sure if $0.20 covers the cost of toner & paper & envelope & staple.  So I may eventually raise the price.

On QRD for making money from my advertising kickbacks, I’d forgotten about North Carolina passing a law that having an affiliate in the state means doing business in the state & needing to collect taxes.  Which means six of my affiliates were canceled without my realizing it.  Lame.  At least it makes me think I’m more right than ever to be trying to sell ads rather than do the kickback stuff.

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