Scripts Written/Life in the Way

Got the final versions of Marked #2 & Worms #6 scripts off to the artists.

Contacted “the guy” about my digital shop issues, hopefully it’ll be fixed or figured out in the next day or two.

Heard back from the artist for the Mecha comic, & he abandoned it half way through for a paying gig, but hopes to finish it in a couple weeks.  I wish I could make money on the comics so I could pay people to do them.

I wrote this little vocal song I want to try to get some collaborators for.  If you have the ability to record yourself singing on a computer in a multi-track software let me know.  It’ll be something under a minute.  It’s called “Funeral Anthem” & is supposed to be Andrew WK anthem style about a peaceful death.

Developed a mini-comic idea with my nephew today.  It’s about a robot that plays football, but doesn’t want to.  Anyone interested in drawing this?

I feel tired & way behind.  If I could have a week off of my “real life” to work on Silber I would be able to catch up, but we all have our responsibilities.  Once I get the press kits done for the three new releases & the promos sent out & make the new postcards & get the digital shop set up & the first batch of digital releases done & the QRD interviews rolling, I’ll probably be wondering what to do with my spare time.

I’m working on an anthology for SPACE (the indie comic convention in Columbus in April) & I don’t know when I’m supposed to get it done.

I had a dream where I was hanging out with Jessica Bailiff & she was wearing pants that had the same print on them as my grandmother’s sheets (look like faded floral wallpaper).  Now that one I really can’t figure out what it’s supposed to mean.  Within the context of the dream I was trying to remember if I’ve ever seen her not wearing jeans?  Maybe they were pajama pants or something….

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