Semi-Productive Day.

Finally got my first drafts of the Carta & Sarah June press releases done.  Sent them to the bands for review.  Both of them are interesting to me because they are more biographical & less about the albums than most of the press releases I do (I work with material the bands provide as important).  This makes them less easy to do reviews of without hearing the records & I’m curious if it will result in less reviews.  We’ll see what happens.

Did some research today on some more blogs to service.  One day I’m going to have to get some interns to go through to see what blogs are still active as I know that there are a ton of seemingly awesome blogs that only last two months.

I got a pair of sci-fi sunglasses I ordered today.  Unfortunately they look like over-sized doggles when I actually put them on.  I’ve never had sunglasses that I think look right on me.  I hope I never need real glasses as I’m sure I’d have the same problem.

The Sarah June covers came in today.  Which means I need to start assembling them.  I hadn’t realized how much quicker a disc would come if I did the assembling myself, but it takes a couple weeks off the time.  So that’s pretty sweet.  It also means that pre-orders will start shipping soon.

I’ve been thinking about the future of downloaded music quite a bit lately.  A bunch of states (including mine) are trying to start collecting sales taxes on digital music.  They’re trying to say that the internet is in-state commerce rather than out of state (like mailorder would be) & therefore not exempt from sales tax.  Of course part of the question could also be is if digital distribution is a service you pay for (not-taxable in some states) or a physical item.  But I think what this kind of headache is going to lead to is the rise of some of the subscription services that places like Napster & Rhapsody do (of course it would be done through all of the major players just as a means to bypass all the paperwork associated with 50 different types of sales taxes to apply) & the problem is those places literally pay pennies.  Then again maybe iTunes would move its home servers to another country to avoid the problems (just like happened in the 1990s with the file traders).  I don’t know, maybe it is time for the Feds to start collecting sales tax on interstate commerce.  It might be able to help the deficit as well as alleviate a business headache that would be insurmountable to someone like me (a lot of states charge either for an initial business license or annually to the tune of about $50).  We’ll see what happens.

Since re-loading Windows in my laptop with the hard drive repair, the battery no longer seems to charge.  I know it only held a fifteen minute charge before (it’s more than five years old), but it seems like a strange coincidence that it would crap out at the exact same time.  Probably not worth $100 for a new battery at this point in my computer’s life.  Though I would like to think it can live forever.

I had a dream last night about performing in the original version of Vlor when I was just a singer (I owned a guitar but didn’t play it well, what’s changed?).  It was a pretty weird vibe where it seemed like the band might break up in the middle of the performance.  Also I think three of the members of the band I didn’t know.  I need to clear my mind from my recent wave of nostalgia or learn how to really operate my brain properly for time travel.

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