So it seems like there’s a problem with my digital download store.  So I’m doing the links by hand for now with orders, but hopefully that will be repaired in the next few days.  Which is exactly why I’m running the test before doing the digital only releases.

Got an email that work is under way for the art for my new comic Epic.  Fingers crossed on it coming to fruition.  The first issue is always the hardest.

I went through a few hundred photos looking for Rivulets photos from 2001 to use with the Demos release we’ll be doing as digital only.  I found about 4 that seemed of possible use.  It did give me some weird nostalgia feelings seeing all the photos from the 1990s.

In another bit of nostalgia I saw Russell Halasz (the original guitarist for Vlor from the 1990s) who I haven’t seen since 1998 or talked to since 2000.  He had an infant & a wife. I didn’t go to talk to him.  It made me feel like a failure as a human.  I guess because humans are meant to make new humans more so than to make new music.  I often wonder if he googles his name & sees his work is now available for free & that the Vlor name is still in use.

I got a physical zine from David Carter called Pins & Cathedral Bells (which I assume is a sequel to his zine Pindrops & Cathedral Bells from the 1990s). Its really good with lots of Q&A interviews.  Pretty much the zine I used to do & would do again given infinite funds.  The digital version of QRD is a compromised based on economics & public demand.

It’s probably just today’s nostalgia, but I’ve grown really fond of things that decay & don’t last & become memories.  Digital media seems a little to accessible & unbending to memory.  It’s too easy for something I remember fondly to be proven to be crap (whether it’s my creation or someone else’s).  I like the idea that something exists temporarily in time to be distilled by memory.  When I remember Saturday Night Fever I can only remember the guy that leaves the priesthood & the guy who kills himself because his girlfriend is pregnant, but when I re-watch it there’s only dancing.  The memory is better than the truth.  If it was wiped off the earth to re-watch, my memory of a good movie could become perceived as more accurate.  Maybe this is part of my interest in derivative works over the past 15 years.  I want to tell stories or play songs focusing on what I see as important & discarding things that get in the way.  Maybe I’ll eventually gain the skill & time to really do a good job of re-telling these stories in a way where other people can take them & make their own stories & eventually make a circle back to the original work.

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