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The Sarah June Beneath Black Robes EP got listed as a free download on Largehearted Boy today.  Presumably it will create a spike in interest.  But the site hasn’t crashed & there’s no sales spike.  I sent out the last of the promo for the Sarah June & Clang Quartet EPs with the exception of radio (I’ll wait a week or two on that to see if I can get a review blurb worth adding).

My Kickstarter keychain/bottle-opener campaign got rejected.  I know it probably would’ve failed anyway, but it still kinda irks me.

There was what I thought was a new review of Mike VanPortfleet‘s Beyond the Horizon Line (which came out seven years ago now) on some new site Microsoft (at least it says copyright Microsoft on every page) has that links to places to buy MP3s.  But careful inspection shows it is an exact quote of my press release & I just didn’t recognize it right away.

I emailed Andrew White (Just A Man) & it looks like he might draw the Robert E Howard comic.  Also I am theoretically getting out of the writer’s block I’ve had with Just A Man for a while.

Also the work on Ultimate Lost Kisses #12 (drawn by Jeremy Johnson) is past the penciling stage & in the inking stage.

Last Night’s Dreams
Everyone is trying to get in the car for going somewhere as a family & despite the fact that I’ve been waiting to go, I’m to blame as the last one physically out the front door & it takes me a second to get the lock to work.  The car is already moving & I climb half-way in the passenger window & my dad keeps driving & I figure I’ll be able to get in the car properly at the stop sign a block away & I’ll just hold on.  When we get to the stop sign my dad not only doesn’t stop, he only shifts down to 3rd gear & takes the left turn way to fast.  We hop the curb & I’m thrown out of the car & then the car hits a telephone pole.  I get off the ground & go to the car & there’s my dad looking pretty clearly dead in the driver’s seat.  There’s already too much going on in my life to deal with this shit.

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