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I saw today that The Beatles are using Soundcloud now.  Looks like Soundcloud is making a strong play to be the next big home for music.  They also have music creation apps now.  Man, if I was computer savvy I’d probably love it.

I talked a bit with Melissa Spence Gardner about upcoming issues of XO (yes, they’ll happen eventually) & putting out a physical mini-comic of her web-comic about her cancer diagnosis.  Not sure how long it will be until these ideas come to fruition.

The local university paper wrote an article on the local noise scene in general & Clang Quartet in particular.  You can read it here.

It’s been announced that Ultimate Lost Kisses #11 is getting an award at SPACE for third best mini-comic of 2010.  So I guess that’s pretty good?  I would’ve liked to get first, but I do think it’ll help me increase my sales this year.

I wrote another draft of the Robert E Howard script & sent it off to Andrew White to possibly draw.  I also wrote another draft for the new Lost Kisses (strange that it’s the first one in two years).

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One Response to Soundcloud, Clang Quartet, Comics

  1. Nick Marino says:

    Congrats on the SPACE Prize.

    As for Soundcloud, I’ve been sluggish to put my songs up there. Not cause there’s anything wrong with it… but because I don’t see an obvious advantage to it. I think they must have a lot of corporate backing, etc, because they’re integrated with a lot of other sites. But I don’t know anyone personally that uses it or hangs out there. Granted, I don’t have many musician friends, so that might be why.