Robert E Howard, Laser Printer, QRD, Panthan, Goddakk

I got a draft done of my Robert E Howard story about him & his mother. Still need to do another couple drafts for it, but I do already have an artist in mind.

I finally ordered my color laser printer today. Should be here around the end of the week. So my color comics will come eventually.

I did some more research about promo stuff today & sent out a bunch of emails about promoting the free releases.  We’ll see what happens.  I should finish sending them out in about two days.

I talked to Nic Slaton (slicnaton) today & along with his upcoming album (he’s getting his studio set back up after a move) we’re probably going to release a free Panthan EP culled from the recordings we did a couple years ago on spec for soundtracks.  We’ll see how long it takes for me to have the free time to get that ready.

I’ve been working more on proofing some of the interviews for QRD.  Trying to keep on track so I can get a new issue out soon enough rather than drifting farther behind.  But the label series which I find incredibly interesting also gets a bit frustrating.  Some folks talk about sales being down 75% & others seem to talk about things going great.  Is it optimist versus pessimist or 1990s businessmen versus 2011 businessmen?  It’s interesting.  We’ll see what happens.

Here’s a new video for the upcoming release from Goddakk:

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