Rough Day & Dreams

I like to think I try to play the blog pretty positive ever since Shaun Sandor called me out on it seeming to bitter & depressing back in 2008.  So I guess first I should mention I got invited to be on a couple of comps & got a distro order & asked to do an interview & another couple interviews I missed went up on The Examiner & Outhousers while I was gone.  Anyway, on with the whining….

So I live in one of those states where they require a pretty thorough car inspection every year.  I dropped my car off at a shop with the knowledge it would need $500 to be able to pass inspection telling them I just wanted it to be done by the time I got back in town.  Now I got the car back having spent $500 & the check engine light is still on & it can’t pass inspection.  Which kinda sucks.  I can get a one year waiver if I drive the car a certain amount of miles & then plead my case that the car is safe at the DMV.  Which sucks to have to do.

So I’m supposed to be helping a friend with engineering/producing his record next week.  I ordered a new solid state hard drive for it, but it ends up I need an adapter to use it in my music machine.  Which I knew about & had ordered one from Hong Kong.  But the adapter I got is backwards (makes an old hard drive work in a new machine instead of a new hard drive work in an old machine).  I had another hard drive that isn’t quite as good, but better than the current one (been sitting in a drawer for a year) that I decided to try to upgrade to, but I couldn’t get it to be recognized to format it on my laptop.  So then I fired up my music computer to do it there & it came up with an error message about the bios before loading the operating system.  Crap.  So… trying to figure out exactly what to do on that.  Maybe upgrade my laptop with the solid state drive & add the missing music software to this machine.  Pretty frustrating & at a bad time.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I take my grandmother to the Grand Canyon & she’s not impressed by it at all.  When talking to her about it I realize her brain has malfunctioned to the point she can no longer process what she sees.

In the middle of prayer God tells me he has a vision for me.  The vision is of me opening a small wooden box like the ones I sell my comics in.  Inside are two rocks each with a penny balanced on top.  One is a piece of coal & the other is red granite.

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