Been Gone

So as you probably pieced together by now, I was out of town for almost two weeks.  I got a lot of photos taken & a couple little video things (including a Small Life Form performance) that may be used at some time in the future for some Silber stuff.  I also finally met Duval King in Provo who I’ve been in touch with for ten years.  He wanted a Silber shirt (I wore one so he could recognize me) & I gave him the shirt off my back at the end of the night, good dude.   Anyway, here’s some things that have happened when I was gone….

My comics (specifically Pow Wow) got an in depth discussion on the podcast Critiquing Comics.  They think Pow Wow has a lot more meaning to it than I intended.  I just wanted to tell a story about elder care & they thought it was actually about environmentalism.  Maybe we’re both right.

Dave Sim gave me some pretty glowing reviews & discussed Ultimate Lost Kisses #11 on A Moment of Cerebus.

I wrote down a bunch of dreams in notebooks that I’ll type in soon.

I got done the first draft of Just A Man #5.  I’m pretty excited about having that ready to go.

It’s a new month, so I’ll be looking at the stats soon.  Guess the most popular download of the month to win a free digital download of your choice.

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