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Long Days

Not a lot going on.  Today marks the third eight hour plus drive day in a row on the tour.  Which makes me even more exhausted & cranky than normal.  On the plus side I am getting some comic stuff …

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    this is one reason why i prefer to “tour” in the north east. the time we went to texas/midwest was probalby the worst touring experience.

Rough Day & Dreams

I like to think I try to play the blog pretty positive ever since Shaun Sandor called me out on it seeming to bitter & depressing back in 2008.  So I guess first I should mention I got invited to …

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Gear Grinding

Assembled a couple hundred comics.  Reworked my comic display to hold the new books.  Everything takes longer than I anticipate.  Also spent a couple of hours on an interview about the comics (I’ll put up the link when I get …

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