Colleagues & Movies

Got out my follow-up emails to the comics & CDs.  Hopefully it will generate some more reviews.

I talked with Shane Sauers (Starbage Hands/North Pole Records/Miss Massive Snowflake) today about a bunch of business stuff about slight mods we each need to do to our label websites (download stores, mp3s playing in flash instead of links, drop boxes to make easier navigation with the expanding roster).  I love that Silber is easy to navigate, but if I’m adding a dozen bands to the roster next year with the digital shop, I need to make a better way to navigate from band to band.

Bob Freville pitched to me about making a film based on Remora: Mecha.  Which is semi-crazy & semi-awesome.  When I think about what I’d want things to look like & all that it gets scary.  The question of my involvement with it comes up pretty quickly as far as when I would want to be involved or not involved.  I have a lot of weird ideas about movies & scripts & acting & directing that probably have nothing to do with the realities of making movies.  One of my main premises is that most actors are horrible so you should write a script such that they basically play themselves.  Which means not writing the script until after you have the talent.  Which is kind of a backwards way to do things.  Probably has to do with me liking Mike Leigh a lot in my early twenties.  Maybe after I do the “Check” short with Will Dodson & Stwrongtone I’ll have better ideas of what can be reasonable expectations of myself & others.

Slept a lot of my day away with pain medicine for my toe.  Hopefully I’ll get more work done tomorrow.

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