Remora recordings

Rough first day in the studio.  Eight hours working on one song & it’s not completed.  But it is a song about the politics of war & Frankenstein, so maybe it’s understandable that I need to get it just right.  But I really am hoping to speed up the process a bit.  Maybe 8 piano parts is excessive for someone who doesn’t know how to play a piano.  & the vocals I’m a little torn on as there’s an angry vocal version that matches the music & a lullaby vocal version that I think adds irony & emphasizes the aggression of the music.  It’s interesting to work with someone else for sure as even when Jon DeRosa (Aarktica) or Peter Aldrich (Remora bass player around 2005) tried to help me record there were tons of me wanting to be the boss issues & I’m trying not to do that this time, which occasionally means me needing to walk outside as if I was still smoking cigars.  I guess working on the reality of not having control over all situations is something I need to work on….

I did get a little work done on a top secret recording.  I might mix it tomorrow.  At least then I’ll have one album done of the seven I hoped for in the week.

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