So last night’s show had some kind of technical issue & technical issues throw off my performance or at least my mood & makes me feel like I have a lousy show whether I actually did or not.  Some kind of weird distortion sounds coming from either my rig (I’d re-worked it to use my new POG on the demos, but didn’t switch the rig around for the live show, so maybe I had some knobs adjusted bad for the volume of the normal rig) or amp (I didn’t look to see if the knobs had been twisted in transit which is my suspicion, the Roland JC distortion is a little bit bad in my opinion).

This morning before going to the studio I am having some computer problems.  Pagemaker magically stopped being able to make PDFs again.  It did this a few weeks ago & then came back.  In addition, because my computer is old, I couldn’t get it on the local internet because of the security settings.  Being away from the internet for a few days could well be a good thing for me though.

Yesterday I listened to the demos of the songs I’m working on three or four times.  It worked out well as far as helping me to get a different listening perspective & being able to say, I need to change a line or two in a couple songs.  I often wish I had someone that I could work with in a way where they could call me out on what isn’t working in my music & give a lot of constructive advice, but I’ve never heard anyone do anything like that with lyrics for anyone really.  I’m still debating about if I should do radio edits of songs to get swears out (I don’t really think Remora has any songs that say “fuck” in them prior to this album & this time there are two).

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