Microphones, Cats, & Dogs

Had a few extra minutes, so I thought I’d double blog.

The mic shoot-out in the studio for my vocal between my trusty Shure Beta 58, a $2000 Neuman, a Shure SM 7, & a Sennheiser MD421 was won by the Sennheiser.  It looks like a cross between an electric razor & an old sci fi gun & while it does handle my voice better in general, it emphasizes my “s”s a bit more than the Beta.  Probably going to buy one to use at home (unless somebody wants to mail me one for free), so buy some Silber stuff so I have the extra $300 to get it.

Trying to get some more of the MySpace promo campaign done during the downtime I’ve got.  I just finished sending out the messages for Rivulets & started working on the Remora campaign.

I want to try to do a photoshoot called “Lilly’s Hair Club for Men” where I take the hair that this cat Lilly is shedding & work it into my shaved head for comedic results, but unfortunately I think I got most of the hair she’s shedding for doing it as a onetime joke….

Two Recent Pet Peeves:
If you are going to invite me to a Facebook event & the venue is really somebody’s house, it should mention that in the description & it also should have the address.  Also, if you live more than 50 miles away from me you should never invite me to anything unless your going to advance me airfare.

If you are going to be in a touring band & live in a van you really shouldn’t own a dog.  If you live in a van & own a dog to protect your equipment, it probably shouldn’t be a six month old beagle.  If your guard puppy is hanging its head out of the van window during your show & somebody starts petting it, you shouldn’t run outside & try to start a fight.  Especially if it’s licking them in the face at the time.

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