Remora, North Pole, Interview, Dreams

I’ve been working on the artwork for Remora‘s The Heart that Kills the past couple days & not really been feeling to happy with the results.  Then last night Joe Badon who draws Built contacted me about doing some art sometime.  So I handed the reigns over to him.  We’ll see what happens.

Our friends over at North Pole Records have a new compilation about to come out featuring Remora, Moodring, Rollerball, Miss Massive Snowflake, OVO, & a bunch more.  You should check it out (free to stream) & maybe buy it.

Monday at 10am Pacific Time an interview I did with KZSU is going to broadcast/stream.

Last Night’s Dreams:
Some girl is taking photos of me making different expressions in order to design new emoticons.

I’m casting a hex that involves me screwing two square pieces of wood together to form an eight pointed star.  I’m not even sure who I am trying to hex, but I inadvertently kill Bob Hope.

I’m at a used bookstore & there’s a guy at the counter selling a complete run of Epic Illustrated.  I’m wandering around waiting for them to buy them & put them on the shelves so I can buy them.  I go into the bathroom & the urinals are all broken & smashed like a shitty rock club.

I go to a local comic shop & a guy I went to high school with is there & I managed to both recognize him & remember his name, but I don’t know what I would have to say to him besides, “Hey, we’re both still alive.”

I’m in the grocery store & they’re sold out of ice cream, but they do have frozen custard available.

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