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So yesterday I had a couple of band practice things.  I was sadly reminded that I have not been doing much to practice my playing skills & even less to practice my listening skills.  Hopefully soon the construction in the house will be done & I can get back in line with playing guitar without being stopped by the power being turned off & such.  Anyway, the most interesting thing was at the shared practice space for The Pointless Forest the other band had up some giant chalk boards with notes about how to play there songs.  I’m not sure if they are working in new members or exactly what is going on, but it was interesting to see something like that not in a college classroom.  I guess maybe it makes sense for somebody with songs with a bunch of parts or whatever, but it for sure doesn’t seem very rock & roll.  Then again I have a notebook to tell me how to play my own songs that I wrote & that doesn’t seem very rock & roll either.

You can now listen to the interview I did with KZSU over on ghosttrees.

Here’s a new little video from mwvm.  Michael keeps cranking out content lately, I wish I was doing the same thing!

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  1. those dry erase boards in practice spaces are a good source of hilarity. Especially if it’s a jock/classic/punk rock band