Destruct-O-Cast, EPs, Depression, Dream

Did an interview/podcast with Nick Marino about writing comic books, Marvel Comics history, & meeting my teenage bilogical son over on the Destruct-O-Cast.

Last night I was talking to Joe Kendrick (WNCW music director) about the idea of doing two song releases & such & if they would be viable for radio promotion (given that they’d be download only) & he said that even at WNCW they are being forced to go digital because that’s how some of the big labels are going to cut corners on promotions even though they still give better treatment to a physical release at the station.  So I might start trying that a bit.  I’ve been thinking about doing some EP stuff for a while.

I’ve been kind of sitting around & not getting much done lately.   I don’t know why.  Maybe the post tour blues stuck on top of my life changing depression?  I need to get things shaped up in my head & just work in the same way I would if I had a standard job.

Last Night’s Dream:
I get cigarette from a hispanic guy outside a convenience store.  It’s my first cigarette in ten years.  I should’ve started smoking again years ago.

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  1. Peter says:

    Let’s walk!