Remora, Candy, & More

So the big news for today is the new Remora EP I Came to Party.  It’s the first in the new series of five minute EPs from Silber.  It’s up, but the official launch probably will be next week.  Anyway, it gives you the idea for what the model will be for 5 in 5 EP series.  Free to stream & $1 to download.  Once the series launches it’ll be a new EP each week for a while.  Which is kind of exciting to me, to go back to having new content on a regular basis instead of the weird jamming shotgun thing I’ve been doing the past few years.

Over on Nostalgia Equals Distortion I reviewed Spree candies.  Pretty ridiculous as a thing to review in a way & reminds me of the old days of QRD when I reviewed underwear & such.

Speaking of QRD I typed up fifty questions for an upcoming interview series for touring musicians.

I typed in a draft for Just A Man #5 & sent it over to Andrew White for drawing.  Pretty stoked about that.

I went through a couple old notepads from the past year & found some short stories I’d written & I typed them in & posted for them to randomly go up over the next six months or so.

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2 Responses to Remora, Candy, & More

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    remember when you reviewed tightie whities in qrd. maybe you could repay them a visit for ND.