Good Hours (featuring Peter Aldrich, Small Life Form, & More)

So it’s been a good 24 hours.  The 919Noise gig last night went pretty well.  It was the most pleased I’ve been with a Small Life Form appearance in a couple of years & Peter Aldrich had a triumphant return to guitar playing.  Here’s the video shot on my phone (possible better videos in the future – this one includes the ten-minute set-up/tear-down time between sets & a guest appearance from Ted Johnson as “the pedal inspector”):

I launched the Kickstarter about my mini-comic residency in Pittsburgh.  I’ve been pretty good about setting goals I think I can meet & I’m getting way better at setting prices & workloads that are fair to me.  & I got half of my funding in the first couple of hours!  So yeah, my fears of Kickstarter being dead are gone for now.  However Kickstarter has placed a limit where you can only have one active campaign at a time.  So the Remora t-shirt campaign will launch in about a month & then we’ll see what happens after that as in my brain there are three more projects planned depending on my life schedule.  Also I got asked to be interviewed by one of the staff members at Kickstarter, which will hopefully put a big boost on my current project.

I did a t-shirt design for Irata in support of their new EP (available from Silber soon) yesterday.  I think it looks pretty sweet.After 4 hours of sleep I had a full day of landscaping work & earned a decent day’s wage for the first time in what seems like an eternity.  To top it off when I took a shower afterwards I found $20 in the pocket of the pants I put on.  So pretty much the best day ever.

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4 Responses to Good Hours (featuring Peter Aldrich, Small Life Form, & More)

  1. Lullabier says:

    That Shirt is awesome, Brian!!! How did you design it?

    • I took the cover art for the Irata disc & cut out the majority of the image. Then I exported it as a gif with only three colors so that it will only need two inks for printing. Then I inverted it into a negative.

  2. Peter says:

    I’m glad you had a good day. Thanks for getting me out there!