Remora, Electric Bird Noise, Slicnaton, Wahs, Beastie Boys

So I had this weird sound problem at the Remora show the other night. My amp was dreadfully quiet. I turned it up to ten & it wasn’t as loud as it normally is at three. I figured out the next day that somebody had twisted the low, mid, & high knobs all to zero & that was the problem. There was also some electrical issues & half my effects rig didn’t work & this seems to happen a lot lately. I need to try to figure out what that’s about.

I did two recordings with Brian McKenzie for his upcoming Electric Bird Noise album.  One of the songs currently sounds like Swans & the other sounds like Low.  It’s like it’s 1997 when they toured together.

So I screwed around with a couple of McKenzie’s wah pedals while I was down at Myrtle Beach.  He had a Cry Baby which I didn’t really care for.  He also had a Snarling Dogs which I liked (except that it looks a little cheesy), but he said that they break really easily & that was the fourth one he’d had.  Anyone have any suggestions for a wah that is way more aggressive sounding than the classic wahs, not too expensive, & not prone to breaking?

I got a rough mix of the Slicnaton record that will be coming out on Silber at some point “soon.”  I’ll let you know more as things happen.

The Beastie Boys have this bizarre & entertaining thirty minute video starring Seth Rogan, Elijah Wood, Will Farrell & a ton of other folks:

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2 Responses to Remora, Electric Bird Noise, Slicnaton, Wahs, Beastie Boys

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    How do you mean by more aggressive?

  2. Doesn’t sound thin, has some low end bass presence. Basically what I’m getting out of my Ashdown bass envelope filter, but with the added control of being a wah instead of an envelope filter.