I feel like I got some stuff done today, but I can’t quite remember what.  I did spend a few hours working on recording.  I got two pieces potentially done (or near done) for the new Remora record & then I recorded better demo versions of fifty tiny songs that I had saved on my crappy phone & there’s still 40 songs I need to do that with on the thing.  I want to get them off in case I lose it.

Here’s a 20 minute video of me singing overdubs for a 45 second song over & over again in my bedroom. Maybe the time to start broadcasting my life hasn’t really come yet or maybe it’s already gone.  I don’t really expect anyone to watch this in its entirety.

I did also put in a couple hours working on the music newsfeed robot.  Probably at least two hours of work to finish that up & it’s tedious so I don’t want to do it….

I talked to Brian McKenzie a bit (going on tour with him next week) & he keeps telling me he wants me to do more long narrative songs (like “My Brother’s Guns & Knives,” “Nevada Smith,” & “We Come from the Sea”) instead of these super short & repetitive lyrics I’ve been working on lately.  I guess I need someone to push me into doing something harder than what just naturally falls out or I won’t get better at my craft.  We’ll see what happens.

I was talking to Austin Glover today & he might end up recording parts to complete the unfinished My Glass Beside Yours record from back in 2000.  Don’t worry if you’ve never heard me talk about MGBY before, that project was 1993-1995 & 1998-2001 & I’ll probably end up using a different title for the project this time out.  I need to find the old recordings, they were on my zip disc recorder & hopefully the zip drive still works…..

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  1. N. says:

    You should definitely do more long narrative songs IMHO.