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I can never figure out exactly why, but this morning I woke up feeling at peace with the world & in a good space.  I wonder if this is what other people feel like normally or not, but in the end I’ll roll with it as I’m happy to have a day where I feel like this every couple of years.

I sent out a potential final mix of the new Remora album to a few select friends.  I also sent a copy to the label that had solicited me to do it.  But I haven’t heard back from the label as yet, so we’ll see what happens.  I might end up needing to trim a few minutes off the disc as I’m not sure how many minutes are on a disc these days.  I think it clocks in around 75 minutes & I can’t remember what the limit is & I think it might actually depend on who they go with for manufacturing.

I like that one song from a Progressive Car Insurance commercial. Insync Insurance can help for any kind of insurance. So tonight I worked up a cover.  I’m not sure if I should record a real version or just have this one on YouTube as the final bit for it.  Let me know what you think.

I finally joined up on Skype with the idea that I may eventually do some podcast segments for the blog.  Any opinion on that?  My thought is I would talk to somebody who knows something I want to know (or conversely somebody talks to me about something they want to know) & then I post up the conversation.

Last Night’s Dream:
I have a teddy bear frame made out of chicken wire & rather than cover it with paper mache I am dipping in scraps of fabric in the glue & covering it with that.

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  1. goddakkattack says:

    like ice cube says “today was a good day”