2011 by the numbers, Toner, Butterfly Corpse

So I finished up the paperwork for general taxes (just gotta do the ones for income taxes in April) & yikes were the numbers for the year worse than expected.  A loss for the year of $2,595.11.  Crap.  Going to have to do some restructuring of the business model for sure.  The big loss leaders were car mileage ($926.86) & the new Remora disc ($1431.35) & the new printer & toner for the mini-comics ($460.16) & musical equipment ($368.40 (remember that I caught my amp on fire)).  So I guess I need to drive less miles & not make physical releases there isn’t a known demand for & abandon color comics & not blow up any amps.

So speaking of toner, I use a laser printer & I always just refill the toner cartridge to save money & I noticed the prints are starting to loose quality.  I noticed on the toner bottle instructions while refilling the thing that it says not to refill a cartridge more than three times.  Ooops.  I guess it makes sense that I would need a new cartridge, so yeah, next time out maybe….

I just found out the name Butterfly Corpse is already taken.  So I’m going to have come up with a different name I guess.  Maybe Butterfly Corpse IV or Darin had some name that was something of the ilk of Butterfly Corpse & the Forces of Evil.  So anyway, here’s a video from Butterfly Corpse.  Probably as good (or bad) as what I was doing at their age.  I love the intro speech & then at the very end where the girl says “Like us on Facebook, but only if you actually like us.”

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