Remix Fail, YouTube, Magnets, Bodies in Cows, Dreams

Tried to do a remix today & I don’t understand how things work.  When I ran the beat analyzer it listed a different beat between 100-110 for each of the pre-made parts to mix, so then how can I make my retarded little electro-drums?

Doing some experiments on YouTube with altering video names to get better search engine results & hopefully more people stumbling across the videos.  We’ll see if it really helps.

My experiment with the magnets under my pillow seems to be coming to an end as after a week they seem to have lost their effect for intensifying dreams.  Which is really bizarre to me, because how does my brain get used to being exposed to magnets a few hours a day?

So I’ve been reading the Robert E. Howard letters & in one of them he tells a story about a local murder where after killing a man a local farmer killed a cow in a field & cut it open & shoved the body inside & left the two together to rot.  Wow.  Maybe the first body disposal I think is too extreme for me to use in XO.

Recent Dreams:
Walking around town & I run into a kid I went to high school with, but I can’t tell how old he is or how old I am because it’s dark out.  I know I’m coming off as crazy & that I am in fact crazy, so I try to play it off by saying I’m wasted.  Then I ask what year it is.

I stand up & someone has cut my belt in half at the back.  How could someone sneak up & do this?  I am losing my edge.  It’s time for someone to kill me.

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