Placements & Promos

Did some work to day for some potential television placement things.  I don’t want to jinx them, so I won’t mention anything unless I’m told it’s about to broadcast.

Registered the new Remora songs from Mecha with BMI.

Got back the answers to the questions I had for Michael who shot the Vlor “Watch Me Bleed” video for writing the article for Music Think Tank about it.

I don’t think I complained about it here already, but I ordered a few books that according to were written by Robert E Howard, but they were actually pastiches starring some of his less known characters.  I thought I was getting all of the Bran Mak Morn stories in a volume, but instead have some random person’s story.  I can make my own REH pastiches at this point, but I guess I’ll eventually read them anyway.  At least they’re from the 1970s so might have a little of the edge I like in my sci fi books.

Got some more promo messages out to reviewers.

Working on building the promo lists for the new releases on MySpace.  I assume some of you have checked out Irata which is pretty much as close to straight-up metal as Silber gets.  Anyway, in prepping their promotion I found out either (a) the metal bands that sound similar to them are all quite popular, or (b) all the labels they’re on use MySpace robots way more aggressively than I ever would. It’s kinda interesting.  I guess I should research where the fans are.  Could be they’re all in South America or something….  Of course does the fan number really matter?  I mean, does Mastodon have gold records?

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