I’m getting some work done.  More emails out for the promo of the new releases.  Finally got everything situated for starting to send the message about the new releases to fans on MySpace.  21,000 potential fans to contact.  I’m going to have to siv through so I’m not contacting robots.  It is weird to me that there are 75 people who are “friends” of all five bands (Rivulets, Remora, Lotte Kestner, The Wet Teens, & Irata).  Probably a big part of that is those of you who read the blog as I don’t really think those are bands that have a lot of natural overlap based on style or even geographical region.

Got a couple reviews in today for the Lotte Kestner & Remora.

Talked to Sarah June a bit about trying to get some video stuff worked up.  We’ll see what happens.

Talked to Michael (of The Wet Teens) about a few things.  We’ll see how things roll out with the promotions.

Watched Zombieland tonight.  Strangely let down a bit, I guess I hoped for too much.  & I have a question, there’s a part where Woody Harrelson says, “There are six people left alive & one of them is Bill Murray.”  So there are the four main characters, Bill Murray, & who else?

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