Silber Feature, Twitter, Dream

My big event for today was making a new page for the Silber site for a monthly featured release that will have a streaming copy of an album & the album available for a couple bucks off.  The first one up is Remora’s Enamored.  I guess I probably should’ve started doing this a couple of years ago.

I tried to do a little more research into the Twitter robots that people use to build followers & I couldn’t find any that function in a way I would feel was useful instead of dumb &/or creepy.  What I’d be interested in is something that does what I would do by hand, but does it faster – & I guess that just doesn’t exist yet.

I sent out emails to a few hundred stores about stocking the new releases.  Who knows if that really helps with sales or even awareness, but I feel it’s something I should do.

I also wrote up the monthly newsletter (which it ends up I forgot to do for July) & I got half of those sent out (email limits) & I’ll get the other half tomorrow.

They’re switching from small collection bins for recycling to these mega containers in my neighborhood which will make me have a harder time finding beer bottles to recycle for Silbeer without getting them from a bar.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m with my grandmother in Pittsburgh sitting in my car & we’re casing a joint to rob when I realize the street we are on is the one that the local anarchist book store moved to & I get out of the car & go to check it out leaving my grandmother to plan the heist.

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2 Responses to Silber Feature, Twitter, Dream

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    you know, when i used to work at the Bulldog in five points or near five points. we had to walk around the surrounding areas to find the bottles everyone left the building with and tossed in the bushes and parking lot. Also read about some town providing locks for their bins to keep the homeless from making a buck off their discards. So good luck, the free market is at work.

    • All of the restaurants in this county seem to have locks on all their recycle bins, from glass down to used cooking oil. So we’ll see what happens. If I don’t sell them, I guess I can theoretically use them forever.