REH, Buttons, Etc.

So I fixed up the REH script & it met with Andrew’s approval.  Pretty stoked about that.  Basically I just added two panels about elder care & it twisted the story from being about a bitter & jaded artist to being about a person angry at their life situation, which is way more compelling to me.  Speaking of Andrew White, he has a new comic about to come out on Retrofit that you can check out a bit here.

In other REH news, I made a set of Robert E Howard buttons for the convention.  I’ll get them up on the website next week.

Planning to take a break from the computer for a few days when at the horror convention.  Will report back in a few days.  You all have fun in the meantime.

Last Night’s Dream:
I wake up because I hear a noise on the first floor.  For a moment I think my prayers have been answered & I’ve traveled back in time, but when I get downstairs it’s a homeless dude that’s breaking in saying the house is too big for just one person to live in it.

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One Response to REH, Buttons, Etc.

  1. Nick says:

    Basically your last dream could fit a Cyanide & Happiness comic script very well…
    Have fun at the horror convention.