REH, Bricks, Dreams

So I’m working on the REH comic.  Trying to get a cover that both me & Andrew White (the artist) like, batting 5 or 6 ideas around.  But it’ll get done soonish.

Finally got a draft of the Remora press release to a level I felt comfortable showing it to people for comments.

I’m thinking about making a version of the Silber site run on WordPress so that it works easier on mobile phones.  Not sure if it’s really worth it or not.  But once I get to the point there’s nothing else I need to do.

Spent a lot of the day swiping some bricks destined for the landfill from a torn down house to use building some stuff in the yard.  Breaking the mortar off them so bricks can be re-used seems like something I could do for 8 hours a day if someone would pay me for it.

Last Night’s Dreams:
Peter Aldrich’s guitar is out of tune & to tune them rather than using the tuning pegs, he adjusts his socks.  It works.

There’s a really friendly bartender that I can’t tell if I actually am friends with me outside of the bar.  He’s been holding a drink at the bar for me when I went out for a three hour errand.  The drink tastes like a mix between lemonade & vomit.

Andy Richter is a beach cop just wearing speedos & a cop hat & he’s interrogating me in a little room on a pier.  He keeps reaching into his speedo to pull out his notebook & pen & gun & such.

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