Comics & Robots

So I finally got my layout done for a comic that Lindsay Smith is thinking about drawing for me.  Pretty stoked about getting something actually accomplished & out of my hands.  It’s called “End of the World” & I don’t know if it’s going to be a one shot or not.  We’ll see how it feels after it’s done.

I did some fooling around with some robot vocals I added to a couple Electric Bird Noise tracks.  I’ll have to get permission from Brian McKenzie about putting them up on the blog.  They might end up instrumentals instead.

I’ve been working on this interview most of the day & maybe I’ll finish it up tomorrow.  It seems to be getting a bit in depth as far as asking about my artistic process, which is interesting.  I was scared because the first question was “Tell us about yourself.”

I got in touch with a couple potential collaborators today (one for a comic & one for music).  I can feel myself stretching a little thin, but it feels nice to be wanted.

Got some work done researching new comic reviewers & updating some radio contacts.  I really need some interns/helpers with that if anyone has a couple free hours on the internet to help.

Ryan Kuehn (WCSB) posted this on my Facebook page the other day.  It’s kinda long, but also funny.

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2 Responses to Comics & Robots

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    your title makes me think you should start writing comics for robots. not sure what they’d enjoy but probably something logical.

  2. 1110111110111
    Or maybe that’s not such a good example. But yeah, I should do more stuff for robots because I like robots.