Upcoming Releases, SLF show, Robert E Howard, Headaches

Wow, I haven’t typed up anything in the blog in almost a week. Apologies to you avid fans.

Been pretty busy trying to work up the press release for the new Remora, trying to figure out some stuff for the upcoming mwvm, Goddakk, & Plumerai. & of course some things with the new Azalia & Electric Bird Noise.

The Small Life Form show the other morning was good. I wish I’d recorded it. The new amp seems to work great for the show.

I got in the art for my “auto-bio” comic about Robert E. Howard. Not sure when it’ll come out. I also have a couple new potential collaborators that I need to get scripts for. Just trying to find the time to get everything done.

For unknown reasons I’ve been exhausted lately. Probably because I also have been getting these headaches from sun exposure that I don’t remember getting since I was in middle school. I guess they are what most people would consider migraines, but having dated a girl who really had migraines (meaning headaches where she’d be slumped in a chair drooling & non-communicative & I’d carry her to bed) I wouldn’t call them that. I think the cure for them might have been chronic use of hallucinogens? Hmmm… I might be getting way too old for that solution.

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