recent dreams

Recent Dreams:
I go into a comic shop & Donal Logue (the dad on Grounded for Life) is working there & asks if he can help me find anything.  I tell him I’m looking for the first volume of Spirit Archives.  He says,  “Are you fucking with me?  You know that’s out of print!  Why are you fucking with me?!?”

I’m on tour & staying at people’s houses.  I have two New York shows the first night end up one night staying at Christopher Walken’s house which is actually the place he was dancing in on that Fatboy Slim video.  On the second night I end up staying with Conan O’Brien who had a tiny house populated by a lot of disabled people (amputees mainly) & I felt like I was at home there.

I’m collecting canned food & hiding it in the attic.  It’s after the apocalypse & whoever is living in the attic with me is telling me the attic is the first people go to look for food & in the middle of the argument whatever kind of monsters it is outside start smashing down the door.

After the fall of America I’m in China in a concentration camp.  I live in a cage like I’m a cow that’s going to become veal.  One of the prisoners has stolen some technology to allow dimensional travel to escape.  But I’m not sure if the technology works or just incinerates people.  The leaders of the camp get the device & use me as a guinea pig.  I just feel like it shoots me into an endless black void.

Aliens have taken over the earth.  I’m at a camp called Alpha Base Alpha.  I want to escape, but I also want to serve my masters.  I’m torn about what I’m supposed to do.  Live a stagnant life or kill myself for nothing.

A local gas station has a hallucinogenic beer called Karillian.  Drinking it makes me feel closer to God.  I get a job at the gas station to find out where the beer comes from.  It isn’t brewed, but pumps straight out of a well that is directly under the gas station.  I try to find a library to find out more about the well & whatever the hell it is that I’m ingesting that is making my brain wiring change.  But the library building has no doors & the people who are inside are trapped trying to break out of the windows.  The inside of the library is filled with blackness.  Like inside is some all consuming void.  My brain is trying to figure out the link between the water & the void & I can’t quite grasp it.  I grab a metal railing & the cool of the metal sucking the heat out of me feels important to the workings of the universe & the knowledge I’m about to obtain.  But before I can acquire the knowledge I throw up & I need to go back to the gas station to drink more Karillian.  The guy at work at the gas station is trying to keep me from drinking.  He’s telling me I’m addicted to the knowledge it’s giving me & it’s going to be the end of me.  I kill him to get to the well & drink until it is dry.

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