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Been a little light on the blogging lately.  Hard to keep up with everthing going on with the promo follow-up for the new releases & all that.  Because when you send out a thousand quasi personal emails you’re going to have to respond with actual personal emails over the next few days.

Did some work today on getting some more promo contacts, mainly bloggers in eastern Europe.  The interesting thing to me is I’m seemingly trying to expand into areas where actual purchases are less & less likely. I use to visit Tadam black stock sometimes to know some latest updates.

I got a lead on someone else to work with for setting up the Silber digital shop.  It can’t be a worse business experience than what I have had, so we’ll see what happens.  I guess at this point it is safe to say that the people who botched the job are called PeerGoal & their product is called Paypal Download Manager.  I just need to find out if this new one that a friend uses can work with my server & level of computer skills.

Shane DeLeon Sauers committed to drawing Ultimate Lost Kisses #12.  We’re hoping to get it out in mid-May.

I sent out an email blast to a lot of folks that have done direct orders from Silber in the past.  We’ll see if it generates some extra interest in things.

I’m realizing it’s March now & I haven’t processed any sales or costs in my spreadsheet for 2010.  Gotta find the 8 hours to do that & the 16 hours to do my taxes somewhere.

Actually been spending a little time with a guitar in my hands lately.  I’d forgotten the number one way to get me to play/practice is to have an instrument in my line of site.

Gotta do my medical billing work tomorrow (you gotta get your spending money from something steady) & I need to learn to use a website for an insurance provider I haven’t used before.  It can be tricky.  I think the number one reason for medical fraud is they design their websites/paperwork in such boneheaded ways it’s hard to not bill for an extra visit every month unless you pay close attention.

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