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I did a little video work today.  Put up some stuff on YouTube.  Here are the links:
Remora/The Silberspy: “You Are Old (Birthday Song)”
silberspy sighting
Remora (americana style) “let’s fall in love”

I think things are going to be back on track with the digital shop.  These new people I’m working with said I don’t have to pay until I’m satisfied with the shop operating properly!  Best customer service ever?

I have a question about the digital store if some of you could let me know your preference.  For delivery I could offer a zip file or the ability to download individual MP3s & the artwork file.  On the one hand I know some people feel like unzipping is a hassle & that the larger the file the more prone it is to errors.  However, I think clicking individual files to download is a bit of a hassle as well (& I think an error is less likely to be detected).  It’s also worth noting that zipping mp3s doesn’t seem to compress them more than they already are compressed.

Got an email from Jeremy Johnson that issue #2 of Marked is almost done.

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