new stuff in the fire

Talked to Ben Collins today & the Silber Christmas comp is getting dangerously close to being unleashed.  I was talking to him also about that he has essentially completed the internship program & is ready to start his own label.  Somehow he seems a little less into the idea than eight months ago when he started.  I wish everyone looking into a label would do a significant internship so the world wasn’t littered with incompetent labels.

Got a new potential artist for the Mecha comic.  Pretty stoked about the possibility (though this is artist #4 to attempt it).

Also pitched a potential new comic to a couple friends of mine called Cops & Crooks (thanks to Nic Slaton for the title).  Going to be doing some 1930s pulp tricks in it.  Junk so old it seems new.

I went to a straight-up rock show for the first time in probably ten years yesterday.  It was interesting to see that the amount of people into the music was about the same as any one of the weird music shows I normally attend (10-25), there were just more background people in the bar.  So I wonder if you had a bar that had regulars, could you just do weird music instead of rock & roll & the clientele would still come?  A mystery to be solved I suppose….  Even stranger to me was three people at the show that hadn’t seen me in over a year recognized me by my hat (a toboggon that fades from black to gray) which shouldn’t be such a signature piece of clothing since I bought it at Wal-Mart (though I guess I did buy it 2001).

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