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I have a summer cold now & it kinda has me out of wack.

Finished up the MySpace promo for The Wet Teens & started up the one for Irata.

Still working on the proofreading for the next QRD.

Talked to Ben Collins a bit about the thirty second compilation he’s assembling from Silber.  A bunch of tracks in from Moodring, Rollerball, & Electric Bird Noise.  More spots available for those of you waiting until the deadline.

Made this little video based on a segment of Zombie Kisses #2:

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m recording at a house that has been converted into a studio.  The house is four floors including the basement & the attic.  The control room is in the attic & there’s a series of holes cut in the center of the house so there’s a ladder going all the way up from the basement to the attic.

I’m on tour with Brian McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise) doing Small Life Form.  It’s time for my set & I’ve lost my portable Roland recorder & as I’m looking for it I realize I’ve also lost my bass & ebow.

I’ve reverse engineered my ebow to build a massive one that stretches over all six strings simultaneously & I’m wondering if this is illegal & copyright/patent infringing or a derivative work.

My girlfriend’s host-sister (my girlfriend is a foreign exchange student) is pregnant.  She’s been missing a lot of school & the principal calls over & I answer the phone.  He’s saying his teenage daughter is pregnant & there’s no excuse for my girlfriend’s host-sister’s poor attendance.  Somehow I feel responsible for this, because somehow I always feel responsible for anything that goes wrong.

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