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So I did some work towards doing some more issues of QRD in the future.  Sent out some more interview requests to labels & sent out some more for another set with guitarists.  Also did a bunch of minor tweaks to the articles in the issue that went up last night.

Got a little more done today towards using SSI for the Silber site so I can update it more easily.  It’s looking like it should be able to come true.  Just a matter of finding the time to paste in & upload a million files so they’ll connect to the SSIs & then I’ll need to figure out exactly what to do about that all the html files will be shtml files so some back links from other people won’t work.  But I’m still excited by the prospect.

Did some work on the layout for the comic with Kurt Dinse.  I wasn’t paying attention & the panels aren’t drawn to my standard specs.  They’re squares instead of rectangles.  So I need to figure out if I want the images slightly distorted or if I want the comics a slightly different size.  I’m leaning towards the slightly different size.  Oh, I think the title is simply “Star.”  It’s had a lot of titles over the two years since I wrote it.

So I have this minor complaint about CD Baby.  On the one hand they do direct deposits into the Silber account on a regular basis & that is awesome.  On the other hand there’s a fifty-fifty chance of them telling me I’ve received the money & that makes keeping my account balanced a bit tough.  But having extra cash is hardly a complaint, except that it makes the paperwork for paying royalties a little tougher.

Martin Newman posted a piece on Nostalgia Equals Distortion about City of Lost Children that makes me think, despite my fond memories, I might not like it if I saw it again.

Last Night’s Dream:
Something’s wrong with me.  I can’t control my throat.  The sounds that come out aren’t words.  They’re just primitive whispers & screams.  From here on out I’m alone.

I’m working at a Roses with John & David from when I worked in the video store in the 1990s.  Though I never cared for them too much as people, it’s kinda nice to see them again & know they are still alive.  I’m supposed to be setting a plan-o-gram (the things that come down from corporate telling individual stores how to setup their shelves) but there’s no places designated for the stock we do have & we don’t have most of the stock that it calls for.  In fact the only thing that we do have in stock that’s on the plan is a double VHS collection of Aladdin & Return of Jafar.  What we do have is a ton of this action figure/storybook/ DVD set for The Time Machine.  So I go put the plan-o-gram on the manager’s desk (which strangely is not in a separate room, but just behind a rack of shelves) & then just setup the Time Machine & Aladdin stuff the way I think looks best.

I’m working in a greenhouse potting plants.  Digging my hands in  the cold, wet, black soil.  It feels good.  It feels like home.

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