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So there was some “piracy” oriented news I read today.  Google announced they are going to do some stuff to make it harder to find pirated things by not putting them in their search spectrum if they are reported.  Also Paypal froze payments to Wikileaks which is what they would be required to do if COICA passes.  So interesting.  Even if a decade too late.  But I do like the idea that people can’t claim to accidentally download things any more.

I found a couple blank DATs still in shrinkwrap.  Does anybody want them?  Free if you pay the postage.

I’ve gotten so many emails about the new issue of QRD that I didn’t have time to answer them all today in regards to the next three issues.  I guess that’s why they bothered to make a tomorrow.  I still haven’t done my share to promote it yet as far as getting it listed on newsgroups/forums & such.

I got an email from Johnny over at Record Heaven (my Swedish distro) about us trying to set up a special little community for label owners to swap & trade ideas.  I’m not 100% sure how to work it.  One of the things is of course labels telling stories that may or may not be true & folks having their own agenda.  But the bigger thing is how do you make a community that people actually use these days?  It’s hard to know.

It seems like I’m not getting as many readers since moving the blog onto the Silber site & off of MySpace.  At the same time, I don’t think I’d have as many readers if I kept it on MySpace either.  I wonder if I can have MySpace autofeed off of this (I know it can work the other way)?  Does anyone know?

Speaking of MySpace, like everyone I’m having problems with it trying to run a ton of javascripts that crash, but today I started to get the same errors on Facebook.  I suppose sooner or later the internet will go back to just email at this point as far as what is actually useful.

I was listening to a guy who makes a living off of his YouTube videos on NPR today.  It made me wonder if his story of himself is functional or accurate.  Because I know sometimes people alter their stories to get better media coverage.  When the guy talks about having an apartment, but no electricity & using his computer in the hall of the apartment building I just have my doubts.  It’s a good story.  But I imagine it is a fiction.  Just like the Mecha press release that claims the record was made using the computer of a war machine….

I wrote the text for my Dave Sim collaboration (Poit).  I think I might do something where there’s a fairly experimental choose your own adventure possibility as a format.  I need to run it by Sim first of course.  If he doesn’t go for it, I’ll use the experimental format for a different comic.

I seem to have somehow lost my signature black & gray knitted cap.  I’m really picky about winter caps (most of them are either not warm enough, fit my head funny, or just dumb looking in general).  It’s been missing since Saturday & I feel 90% sure it’s in the house somewhere, but after a couple of hours looking for it I haven’t found it.  It’s kind of strange how much value I can put on a piece of clothing.

Last Night’s Dream:
I find a glob of silver paint spilled out on the floor.  It looks like a Hershey’s Kiss.  I scoop it up with my pallet knife & put it on a canvas.  There’s a stain on the floor.

It’s 1998 & I’m working at Michael’s Arts & Crafts.  I think I’m getting fat.  I weigh 107 pounds instead of 103 pounds & can no longer quite fit between the back wall outside & the tractor-trailer that is supposed to be parked exactly against it.

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