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I went through today on the Alphabetical Archive Page on QRD & added the 200+ interviews since the last time I updated it (a year & a half ago).  Hard to believe I’ve gotten that many interviews in the past year & a half (there was a one year hiatus before that).  I’ll try to get some more soon.  I am going to try to get QRD set up for a push for requesting paying ads & adswaps & doing a couple of new issues early next year.  We’ll see what happens.

I found out that Remora‘s Scars Bring Hope was listed in the weekly here as a local album of note for 2011.  Funny to see that on the list & it makes me sad that it doesn’t lead to a single sale.

I found this free guitar tuner software for PCs that seems to work okay.  I tried a couple others & this one clearly seems the best.  I feel like I’m moving into 1999 when everyone else is moving into 2012!

So the Butterfly Corpse practice was interesting.  For one thing Darin wants to change the name to Butterfly Apocalypse.  For another thing I wanted it to be a little jammy & Darin wants things planned out pretty meticulously.  The first couple of hours were some headaches, but the last hour we maybe got it solid.  Instead of the super simple drum stuff, we ended up going with keyboard drones as the backbone & Darin played a bass with a wah & I played my guitar pretty high up the neck & did some looping stuff.  So maybe next week I’ll record something rough.

I did a post on Finally Checking It Out about this tv show Total Recall 2070 that I watched over the past couple of weeks.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m at some theater on tour & Porter Wagoner is playing & he’s asked to borrow my guitar.  Somehow as he’s playing the strap comes unhooked on the butt of the guitar & I’m scared he’s going to smash it, but instead he stops playing & makes a joke about them not making guitars like they used to.  Later we’re drinking screwdrivers (delivered in pitchers) in the basement of the theater that serves as the backstage & he’s telling me that when it comes to getting married you have to be careful because a lot of women assume that when you have an affair that it’s intentional & they don’t understand that it’s just something that happens & doesn’t mean you want to leave her.

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  1. N. says:

    Scars Bring Hope is such a beautiful album. What they wrote on Foxy Digitalis might be true: “You get the feeling that with a little exposure, if the right people hear the right songs, and if the artist himself is that way inclined, Remora could be huge”.